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Eye Spy

I have two go-to eye makeup looks that I resort to so often I’d like to think I almost have them perfected. The first is a cat-eye which I find impossible to achieve without a liquid liner. I prefer Lorac’s Front of the Line black liner. The second is just your average, everyday natural look. While I love my liquid liner, I think it is a bit too much for the office. I prefer to channel a fresh-faced Kate Middleton more so than a make-up masked Kardashian. To each their own!

I’ve been on the search for a great basic black pencil eyeliner ever since the MAC in Georgetown closed down. I’m convinced it was a sign from the beauty gods as the formula must have changed because their pencil liner now smudges much more than it ever used to. On to bigger, better and cheaper things, namely Almay’s Eyeliner Pencil! I scooped one up on a whim because it was on sale at CVS and haven’t turned back since.


Almay’s liner goes on smooth enough to make a perfectly straight line without smudging. Applying it over eyeshadow doesn’t cause any build up on the pencil, which is an issue I’ve run into with other brands. It doesn’t require a sharpener either. The pencil applicator is extremely easy to use . So easy, in fact, that I’ve applied it without my contacts in and still managed to look presentable. Without my contacts, I’m legally blind. How’s that for an endorsement?


All in all, this is an excellent purchase but the $7.99 price tag makes it a must-have! The liner comes in black and brown, but I prefer black eyeliner universally because I feel like it makes my blue eyes pop a bit more than brown. Give it a try and let me know what you think!


Like it. Love it. Buying it.

My brain is on booties. There are so many gorgeous pairs out there right now. Heeled, platformed, western, tied and two-toned. There are just too many to wear, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try!

As you might have guessed, this week’s like it, love it, buying it is all about the bootie.

Like it. 

Nine West shoes are always a good bargain. The price is usually right and the quality, in my experience, has always been good. The color is just the right shade of gray to be a perfect neutral and the heel height is moderate enough to be comfortable to wear all day.

Nine West Bleaker Bootie | $119

Love it. 

Glitter + a great camel colored bootie? I’m in heaven. I saw these in a magazine back in August but thought they might look cheap. Then I saw them in person and they are surprisingly high quality. A friend of mine purchased them and raves about them. At just over $50, you really can’t go wrong.

Wanted Dressage Bootie | $54.97 at DSW

Buying it.

Black and tan, one of my favorite color combos. These booties will go with everything in my wardrobe. I’m all about comfort, so a 2 inch heel is about as high as I’ll go for a more casual boot I plan to wear during the day. They are just a little bit country, little bit rock’n roll and a whole lotta perfect.

DV by Dolce Vita Strappy Two Tone Booties | $129 at South Moon Under

Like it. Love it. Buying it.

I’ve had a bit of retail ADD the past week. I’ve had my eye on tons of things, ranging from black riding boots, to leopard leggings to polka dot pants. Yes, I know I said my polka dot search was over. I lied. How can you ever have enough polka dots?

This week’s edition of like it, love it, buying it completely reflects my spastic shopping eye. Enjoy!

Like it.

Peplum is one of my all time favorite trends. Throw in some lace and I’m sold! The feminine shape of peplum tops create curves where there are none and flatters us curvy ladies in ways that boxy tops never can.

Laced Peplum Ponte Top | $34

Love it.

I love all statement jewelry but this piece has a little something special that kicks it up a notch. The bright blue will work in all seasons and is a flattering color for any skin tone  This beautiful bauble would look fabulous all gussied up with a holiday cocktail dress or dressed down with a flannel shirt and some boyfriend jeans. The triple digit price tag is all that is keeping me from buying it.

Marquess Fleur Necklace | $138

Buying it.

Yes, this is a shirt covered in french bulldogs. Yes, this is admittedly a weird selection, but I have a rather strong obsession for french bulldogs and the black and white print will work with nearly any color pant or skirt. A dash of quirkiness in your wardrobe gives it a little character!

Here & There Tee, Animals | $48

Drybar DC: The Answer for Amazing Hair

DC, it is time to put down the blow dryers, pack up the straighteners and say sayonara to those curling irons. Give your biceps a permanent vacation from the struggle of your hair routine. Let’s face it, no matter how many hours we spend on our hair, we will never achieve Blake Lively’s effortless-looking locks. But you know who can?

The stylists at Drybar. Some of you may be thinking, uhhh, Drybar? Isn’t that kind of an oxymoron – how can a bar be dry? However, as you might have guessed, it has nothing to do with booze and everything to do with hair. Ok, it may have something to do with booze since you can sip on a cocktail while getting beautified…

Drybar is the latest and greatest chain of salons dedicated to providing nothing but absolutely ah-maaaz-ing blowouts in just 30 minutes.  And, lucky us, they are set to open TWO DC-area locations, one in Georgetown and one in Bethesda, in just less than two weeks! Disclaimer: this is a judgement free zone. Please do not fight the urge to jump up and down uncontrollably or shriek with glee. 

Customers, affectionately referred to as barflies, shouldn’t expect a cut or color, rather, they can choose their ideal blowout from seven different styles, all creatively named after various cocktails. Looking for a sleek, straight style; loose, beachy waves; va-va-voom curls? For $40, your look is their command, just check out their menu.

The “Cosmo” – lots of loose curls (photo from Drybar’s website)

Drybar offers add-ons, such as a scalp massage or hair treatment, for an additional price and customers can expect to be in and out in 30 minutes, which is about half the time it takes me to blow dry my own hair. Drybar also offers updos for $70, kids blowouts for $25 and will travel to customers for $75.

Both the Bethesda and Georgetown locations are set to open on Friday, October 19th. Pre-book your appointments now – your hair will thank you!

Know before you go:

  • Make sure you look at the “menu” prior to your visit. We ladies can be fussy about our hair, so it is important to know exactly what to expect from say, the Manhattan vs. the Mai Tai.
  • Talk to your stylist. Despite popular belief, they can’t read your mind. If you don’t want to look too “done up” or perhaps you hate the look of stick straight hair, say so.
  • If you already know you’re going to be a frequent customer, be sure to ask about the bar tab and membership options. You can save up to $35 a month.
  • Brides and bridesmaids should seriously consider Drybar for wedding day styling. Have the stylists come to you or enjoy some pampering at the salon.
  • Drybar can also help you throw an awesome blow dry party. Who doesn’t want to be pampered and look gorgeous?

Totes for All Your Summertime Needs

On Saturday, my friends and I began our day at the National Portrait Gallery and then moseyed on over to the US Botanic Gardens. Schlepping my laptop, sketchbook and camera across the city, I was thankful for my over-sized purse but wishing I had invested in a great tote for all my summer needs. Summer means more pool trips, beach weekends and more activity in general, which equals more stuff.

If you’re in the market for a good tote bag, take a few tips into consideration:

  • Size – Make sure it is big enough to fit everything you might need, but not big enough that it is too cumbersome to carry comfortably.
  • Fabric – In the summer months, stick to fabric totes and steer clear of leather. If a sun tan lotion spills or your bag gets wet by the pool, you can throw a fabric tote in the wash but a leather one will never recover.
  • Straps: Make sure the straps are comfortable. Some extra padding can never hurt and if you are going to fill this baby to the brim, you want to avoid it digging into your shoulder.
  • Color – Make sure the colors won’t rub off on to your clothes – or your skin if you sweat. This is more of an issue with brighter, bolder colors, so if you purchase one of them consider throwing it in the wash before you use it.
  • Price point – If you’re on a tight budget, don’t spend more than $100 on a tote. There are a ton of great options out there, many for around $50. You want something that is affordable and stylish, but not something that will cost you the better part of your paycheck.
  • Durability – Be sure to look at the construction of the bag to make sure it can hold up to the task of lugging your goods. If it isn’t, you could find your belonging strewn across a sidewalk courtesy of a tote tear.

Here are just a few ideas for your perusal. I highly recommend the Gap color block tote. I know two people who have it and it is their Saturday Summer staple. Any favorites?

Summer Totes

Summer Totes by kerrychannon featuring colorblock handbags

Hair Tie Double Duty

Hair ties – can’t live with them, can’t live without them. Necessary at a moment’s notice to get the hair out of your face or for some reprieve from the summer heat. Throw one in the abyss of your purse and you might never find it again. So, there they sit on our wrists, ugly and distracting – and forever to remain…or so we thought!

Ladies, rejoice! A true “why didn’t I think of that” invention: Emi-Jay Hair Ties. These multi-functional hair ties are bright, bold and colorful, making them to look great in your hair AND fashionable on your wrist. Emi-Jay makes hair ties in neons, neutrals, patterns, polka dots, the possibilities are infinite but one thing is for sure. You can wear every option on your wrist like you meant for it to be there.

The best part (YES, there is more)? The soft, stretchy material is ideal because it does NOT dent your hair. All of that time you spent straightening won’t go to waste if your hair up!

The ingenious inventor even offers beaded styles to amp up the bracelet function and now sells headbands, too.

Check out some of the styles here:

The neon collection is the perfect way to weave in this season’s day-glo trend without going head to toe highlighter. $11.99 for 5 ties. (image courtesy of Emi-Jay)
This bejeweled version is fancy enough to serve as arm candy on a night out and functional enough to get your hair out of the way when you’re showing off your dance moves. $12.99 for 1 hair tie. (Image courtesy of Emi-Jay)
Don’t forget about the headbands, too! One of these can instantly turn a ponytail or bun into a chic hairstyle.

I bought the neon set this past week at South Moon Under. I have the green one on my wrist as I’m typing, and it looks pretty darn good! You can find other retail locations here, or just shop the Emi-Jay site to see how much you love them!


All About the Eyes

My love for eye makeup is no secret. However, I wasn’t born with my affinity for a good shadow, liner and mascara. I remember the first time I wore eyeshadow. I smeared on so many layers of that light, slightly sparkly beige Clinique shadow my mom had received as part of a Bonus gift, that you could almost see it. I snuck into her makeup bag and stole every complimentary eyeshadow she scored until I could finally purchase my own. I didn’t discover the power of eyeliner until my senior year of highschool and with one stroke, I was hooked. MAC, Clinique, Maybelline, black, brown, blue – I had it all. Too much of it all, in fact.

So, it is no surprise that I have dabbled in my fair share of shadows. I’ve used various brands and had favorites depending on the look I was going for at the time. Choosing eyeshadows can be hard. Sometimes colors can be deceiving or the texture isn’t quite right. Before you know it, you’ll have acquired enough shadows to open up your own makeup counter – and you might have to in order to cover the cost!

A great way to introduce fun, new colors to your makeup routine is to consider purchasing an eyeshadow palette from one of your favorite brands. A palette is a case with multiple shadows, usually 6 or more, in varying colors to provide you with a range of basic colors and a few bold shades to play around with. You can expect to spend $40-$50 on a high quality palette, but it will last for an extended period of time since there are more colors to choose from.

It is important to play around with the different shades to make sure you like – and will use – at least 75% of them. Make sure you are satisfied with the texture of the colors and how they look when they are applied on skin. If you have a favorite makeup brand, check out their website or Sephora to see if they offer a palette. Here are some of the best bets I’ve seen:

Too Faced The Return of Sexy Eyeshadow Palette – $48
This palette groups colors into sets to make it fool proof to achieve several different looks.

Tarte Femme Naturale Eyeshadow Palette – $44.
I own this and love it. I’ve worked nearly every color into a look at one time or another and the more neutral shades are perfect.

LORAC Pro Palette – $42
LORAC liners and shadows are exceptional quality and the 16 colors are all wearable.

Urban Decay Naked2 Eye Shadow Palette – $50.
This palette is so popular it sold out twice! You might want to get it now while you still can…

Do you have a favorite eyeshadow palette, color or brand?


Look Smokin’ While Getting Your Sweat On

Summer is a fabulous season. It bring sunshine, warm weather and fantastic memories. Along with said benefits comes the potential of needing to be in a bathing suit at any time with no notice. Yay bikini season!

If you’re still working off that little extra bit of padding that made its way on to your delicate frame this winter (um, bears hibernate, so can we), I highly recommend you take a trip to lululemon. At lululemon, you can find all you need to look fabulous even if you don’t feel so fabulous as your sweaty, huffing and puffing self. With an endless assortment of tops, bottoms and accessories, you can search for your new workout wears by sport, function or just because it looks pretty. And trust me, all their things look pretty. Now, I will caution you. The price point is probably a bit more than you are used to paying for some sweaty gym clothes. However, the price is worth it for most items, as the quality is top notch.

As a runner, I discovered lulu about midway through training for my first marathon in 2008. I purchased a pair of running crops (similar to these) for training. With a nearly $90 price tag, I wasn’t sure I could afford anything else. Four years later, I am training for my third marathon with those same pair of pants. So ladies and gents, consider lulu purchases as a bit of an investment. They will last and they will look darn good on you, too.

Their items are designed to flatter, taking into account all of the things that make slipping on spandex and stretchy fabrics less than exciting, including muffin top. You can get double time out of many of their items as their leggings, yoga pants and tops can work their way into your daytime wardrobe. Did I mention that the brand is not afraid of color either?

Here are some of the goods on my wish list:

Run: Sun Sprinter Crops – $88 (comes in purple, pink and black)
Run: Tie And Fly Tank – $52 (pink, neon yellow, purple and black)
Run: For Your Money Tank – $68

Who says you can’t look good while working on your fitness? The company is also committed to community involvement and works with local fitness studios to offer complimentary classes.

Find out which store is closest to you and check out their calendar! For you DCers, there are stores in Clarendon, Logan Circle, Georgetown and Tysons. Check it out for yourself and let me know what your favorites are!


Awesome Video: Welcome to DC


Take a peek at the latest DC tourism video I came across via Scoutmob.

Finally a video that shows some of DC’s heart and soul instead of all of the focus on politics or its benefits for an educational family vacation.

The most exciting part of DC is its people and I feel this video captures that perfectly. This city has so much to offer and it is so great to see some of our personality shown to the world. I am proud to call it my home!




Front of the Line LORAC Eyeliner is Top of My List!

It’s no secret that I love a good makeup product. If I was forced to answer that age-old cliche of a question about what one makeup product I’d choose to wear for the rest of my life, I’d have to say it would be a toss up between eyeliner and mascara.

For a fair-skinned, blue-eyed lady such as myself, eyeliner is essential for defining my light features. If you have the good fortune of having features that don’t need some help in the definition department, eyeliner is still a fun, creative way to punch up your look.

As somewhat of an eyeliner aficionado, I’ve gone through dozens of different types – liquid, pencil, crayon, liner pots, drugstore and department store versions, I’ve tried them all. There are several great pencil options out there, but my absolute fool-proof favorite is LORAC’s Front of the Line Liquid Liner.

For $22, this liner lasts – both on your face and in your makeup bag. I never have to reapply and, while I don’t wear it every day, I’ve had one that is pushing 6 months. It is my go-to for anything from just a basic daytime look to a smokey eye, and is the absolute best product I’ve found to create a dramatic winged, cat-eye look. The felt tip makes no-nonsense application a breeze, even when attempting difficult looks.

LORAC products are not always easy to find. You can purchase via their website, at, or in Sephora stores located in JCPenny stores.

If you’re on the hunt for something with a bit more instruction, check out LORAC’s Close Up Real Life to Read Carpet Eye Tutorial, complete with a shadow trio, mascara, primer, brush, instructions and, of course, the Front of the Line Pro Liner!


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