A Little Inspiration

I saw this little gem of a quote this morning and couldn’t help but share it. I am guilty of the “it will happen soon” mentality. I’ve found myself on more than one occasion saying “as soon as this happens…I’ll do this.”  Well, if I keep waiting, I think I’ll be waiting forever. There is no perfect time, no perfect moment, no perfect situation to pursue a dream. Sure, it can be scary. Leaps of faith don’t come with a safety net, but life doesn’t either!



A Few of My Favorite Things

I can’t believe its Friday already – and February, too. When did that happen? But I am somewhat relieved. This has been a crazy week! Exciting…but crazy. I don’t think things will slow down in the next few weeks, so I’m buckling up for a bumpy ride!

In honor of the end of the work week, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite things that have made this week a little happier and brighter!

Cheers to an exciting, fun weekend ahead! It’s five o’clock somewhere, right?


1. Arm Party courtesy of J. Crew (in store), Banana Republic Factory Outlet (old) and Lou Lou (similar) | 2, Some pretty polka dot notebooks from Anthropologie | 3. Statement necklace from Banana Republic (old, but loving this one) | 4. Laura Mercier Secret Concealer (fixes everything)


Mane Attraction

A few months ago, I shared one of my favorite haircare discovery with you: the miracle hair tie from Emi-Jay. These babies don’t dent your hair and coming in a variety of colors and prints, they actually manage to look cute on your wrist. Many a picture has been ruined by ugly hair ties on my wrist…cue proposal/engagement photos.

A bright red hair tie wasn't quite the accessory I had in mind...
A bright red hair tie wasn’t quite the accessory I had in mind…

I scooped up a dozen Emi-Jay hair ties as fast as I could after seeing these photos.

They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, so I guess the two young teenage entrepreneurs who make up Emi-Jay should be very flattered that there are now a half dozen companies hocking a similar product. I’ve come across a few different brands and am aiming to try them all out to see which ones are the best.

Kitsch Hair Ties at South Moon Under | $14.95 for five
Kitsch Hair Ties at South Moon Under
| $14.95 for five
mane message
Mane Message Hair Ties from Etsy | $10.95 for six
Multitude hair ties
Multitude Hair Ties from Anthropologie | $12 for five
Emi Jay Hair Ties | $12.99 for a set of five

So far, I’ve found that Emi-Jay tend to stretch the most, which is great for anyone with thick hair like myself. However, they do stretch out faster than the Mane Message hair ties I’ve tried. Since the Kitsch hair ties are available at South Moon Under, I’ll try those next despite the fact they are the most expensive. I also love the gold polka dot prints from the Multitude brand. Have you tried any of these brands? Do you have a favorite? Let me know!


Madewell Edition: Like it. Love it. Buying it.

Ok, so I’ve come to the realization that this whole no shopping for the entire month of January thing was not one of my smartest ideas. Everything is on sale in January! If I ever do this again, I think I’ll choose February.

Nevertheless, I was wandering around Georgetown with the hubby on Saturday and couldn’t resist poking my way around Madewell, which had a huge selection of sale items – all at 40 percent off, too! I found more than a few things that I wanted to snatch up.

Like it.

A pair of bright, chunky heels are a must-have for spring! Teal is arguably my favorite color, so these pumps are right up my alley. They come in a bright fuchsia, too. Gotta love footwear that makes a statement!

The Frankie Pump | $158.99 (additional 40% in stores)
The Frankie Pump | $158.99 (additional 40% in stores)

Love it.

There are so many things to love about this dress! The black and white combo, the pattern, the cut, the skirt. It is an ideal staple. Wear it in cold weather with tights, boots and a cardigan or in warm weather with a cute pair sandals and a colorful belt. Dress it up or dress it down and it will look chic.

Madewell Duet Dress in Jagged | $89.99 (sold out online, available in stores)

Buying it.

Ahhh New York, New York! Some recent life developments have me eying this scarf. I love creative accessories. I own a slew of patterned scarves, but nothing as original as this graphic scarf. Plus, if you get lost in the big city, wouldn’t it be great to wear a fashionable scarf instead of carrying around a map?

City Block Storyteller Scarf | $59.50

Peaks and Valleys

Phew. Life has been a tad challenging, a smidgen stressful and a whole lot of crazy as of late. We’ve all been there, right?

I’ve been thrown a few curve balls in the last two weeks, all of which I were completely unprepared and, honestly, unequipped for. Now, none of said curve balls are necessarily bad, just very, very surprising, different…and full of possibilities.

There is a ton of indecision surrounding said curve balls and I’ve spent the last few weeks enduring a series of bad news and good news; back and forth; up and down. So much so that I can’t help but feel like my life is mysteriously attached to a yo-yo string. Let’s hope its one fabulous yo-yo!

I’m doing my best to remind myself life is really just a series of ups and downs and only I can control how long the highs and lows last. And, at the end of the day, the not so good helps you appreciate any good that much more.

In reality, the things I am dealing with pale in comparison to those that many other people deal with on a daily basis. I know many more challenging things await, but I couldn’t help but chuckle at this quote. How obvious, yet powerful.




Tropical Vacay Anyone?

It is officially frigid outside. DC temperatures have dipped into the single digits. I don’t seem to own a warm enough coat, even my coziest knit scarf is failing me and I’m thisclose to buying long underwear. This Florida girl is NOT happy.

But, instead of lamenting over the winter chill, I’m daydreaming of spring temperatures, tropical drinks and some sunshine. Lucky for me, I have plenty of colorful spring accessories to fuel this little daydream and brighten my day.

1. Kate Spade Tote $248 | 2. Quay Retro Sunglasses from Nordstrom $38 | 3. J. Crew Leather Passport Case $45 | 4. J. Crew Printed Case for iPhone 5 $25 |
5. Kate Spade Jennie Flats $98


Arm Party Edition: Like it. Love it. Buying it.

Everybody loves an arm party. Bracelets have made a serious surge to the top of the accessories popularity list – and I am loving it. Even in 20 degree temperatures, I want to roll up my sleeves to show off my bejeweled bangles. And no, I don’t recommend it.

I can’t resist stacking an assortment of gold, leather, rhinestones and enamel on my wrist. I stocked up on some pretty pieces before the new year, but I’ve got my eye on a few really gorgeous pieces I have to scoop up as soon as February hits!

Like it.

This leather and gold skinny bracelet is perfect for stacking. It comes in several colors and is 20% off if you buy two or more!

Banana Republic Leather Skinny Bracelet | $25 (20% two or more)
Banana Republic Leather Skinny Bracelet | $25 (20% two or more)

Love it.

A little bling is the perfect addition to any arm party. This narrow rhinestone and gold bracelet gives a little sparkle without taking up too much real estate.

Ann Taylor Loft Single Row Gem and Chain Bracelet | $29.50

Buying It.

I geek out over anything chevron. If I could have an entire room decorated in chevron, I’d be one happy girl despite the unavoidable headache from print overload. So, why not settle for decorating my wrist with a little chevron?

Adia Kibur Chevron Enamel Pave Bracelet | $29.50
Adia Kibur Chevron Enamel Pave Bracelet | $29.50

Snow Day

This pending winter snow storm has me wanting to pile on all of my favorite cold weather accessories. The temperature isn’t even that low yet, but there is just something nostalgic about frolicking in the snow decked head to toe in winter gear. It kind of makes me feel like a kid again.

I’m secretly hoping we’ll be treated to a winter wonderland, even though I know we’re only slated to get two inches. Even if we get no snow at all, it won’t stop me from breaking out my scarves, hats and gloves to keep warm and cozy.

Keep Warm

Skirt the Issue

There is no shortage of gorgeous wedding gowns out there. See here, here, oh and here. OK, we know this. But, I am always on the lookout for fresh approaches to wedding day fashion. While the concept of two-piece formal wear is not a new one (those midriff baring skirt and top combos from prom still haunt me), it is a fairly new idea for bridal fashion. And there are some pretty delightful options out there right now!

Tulle is taking over. It’s even begun to make a name for itself outside of the bridal fashion universe and stores like Ann Taylor and BHLDN are catching on. These two skirts, considered wedding separates, are downright dreamy.

ann taylor tulle ball skirt
Ann Taylor Tulle Ball Skirt | $350
BHLDN Tulle Tiers Skirt | $800

To achieve a more traditional look, consider one of these two options which offer a trumpet silhouette and the always coveted ballgown look.

ann taylor duchess satin ball skirt
Ann Taylor Duchess Satin Ball Skirt | $350
BHLDN Beatific Ball Skirt | $280 on sale from $800

Love the idea of a skirt, but not sure what the heck to put on top? Depending on your style and the level of formality of your wedding, you can pair a skirt with almost anything. A halter corset top from BHLDN, a sequined tank from Neiman Marcus or a chiffon tiered top from Ann Taylor?

With prices ranging from $300 to just under $1,000, this option may or may not save you some money, but will allow you a bit more freedom to create a completely unique, one of a kind look.


Like it. Love it. Buying it.

After the trifecta of Miss America, the Golden Globes and upcoming Inauguration celebrations, I’ve been reminded just how important it is for a girl to have an evening gown in her closet. It might not be used more than once a year, but trust me, you will be thankful it is there for that inevitable moment of need.

I love BCBG dresses because they just make women look good! With a lot of different styles and silhouettes, ranging from demure to downright sexy, BCBG’s evening gowns aren’t cheap, but they are much more affordable than some of the alternatives. And, since I’m always out for a bargain, I’ve bought every evening gown I’ve ever owned at a BCBG outlet. I’m still on a self-imposed shopping hiatus, but I’ve picked out my favorite BCBG evening gowns.

Like it.

Anything in the mint to aqua family is bound to be a favorite of mine. The main attraction of this dress, however, is the gorgeous lace back.

BCBG Karey Lace Detail Evening Gown | $338
BCBG Karey Lace Detail Evening Gown | $338

BCBGKareyLace back

Love it.

High halter necklines can be incredibly flattering, particularly for anyone with broad shoulders. The black and white print accented with a chartreuse panel is so darn chic. This dress is fancy enough for any black tie affair, yet still manages to be fun and unique.

BCBG Constantine Pleated Maxi Dress | $448
BCBG Constantine Pleated Maxi Dress | $448


Buying it.

I love so many things about this dress, I’m not sure where to start! The bright coral accented with fuchsia is showstopping. The sophisticated, structured silhouette reminds me of the early 90s, yet also is somewhat futuristic. With a sleek updo, dramatic earrings, a detailed cuff and some gold heels, this would be quite the head-turning look for any event!

BCBG Two-Tone Cutout Evening Gown available at Neiman Marcus | $338
BCBG Two-Tone Cutout Evening Gown available at Neiman Marcus | $338

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