Pretty in pink & navy

Fall is officially here, but that doesn’t mean you need to put away your brights and neon just yet! One of my absolute favorite color combos for Fall, or any season for that matter, is pink and navy. It’s not surprising that pink, the color equivalent of femininity, is the perfect companion to navy, a hue with characteristically manly origins.

Navy is a neutral, so you can pair just about anything with it. Pink pairs perfectly with navy and adds a pretty punch to what can be a bland color.

I chose bright, bold pinks for all of these looks, but any shade of pink looks great with navy, from the palest of pinks to the craziest of 80’s pink neon. If you’re going for a pink top and navy bottom, or vice versa, keep your accessories neutral to keep the focus on the clothing. This color combo works with accessorizes, too. Take a basic navy shift dress from country club to down town with the addition of a neon pink belt, jewelry or pumps.

Whatever your choice, pink and navy are clearly a match made in heaven!

Pink and Navy Color Combo

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