Perfect Puffer Vests

I love that quilted down vests are making a comeback. I remember owning one in green and blue from Gap a few years ago but then got rid of them fearing they looked too juvenile and a bit too puffy.

Leave it to J Crew to turn the puffer vest into the perfect preppy fall look. They first showed this bright pink quilted vest a few months ago and I had to resist every urge to run to the store and snag it, despite the fact that it was 90+ degrees outside.

Excursion Vest from J Crew | $110

Now, I love J Crew just as much as the next twenty-something preppy-wannabe, however, there are certain things worth spending $100+ on and there are certain things that just aren’t. A bright pink quilted down vest falls in the “are not” category for me. There are too many knock-offs out there that are just as cute but less than half the price. Case in point:

This Lands End option comes in 11 different colors and is a steal at just $35!

Lands End Diamond Quilted Down Vest | On sale for $34.97

This option from Gap is also a great one, although slight more expensive.

GapFit Puffer Vest | $69.95 *(plus 25% off of your order when you use the code GAPCHEER)

If you’re in the market for a puffer vest, think about your budget before you buy. If you’re in a cold weather climate, you may want to pay extra to make sure it will keep you warm on even the most frigid days. However, if you’re in a more mild climate and want one of these puffy puppies just for the style, you can find a cheaper option with just a little bit of searching.

Make sure that you opt for a version that has some tailoring or quilting to prevent from looking like the Michelin man. Sure, he’s cute and all, but fashion mogul he is not.


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