Just a Little Friday Malarkey

I don’t like to talk about politics. Typically, politically driven conversations lead to people using loud voices, muttering insults under their breath and the use of a few too many four letter words, all in all, leaving me angry. Our political beliefs are shaped by our own individual experiences, so it is no surprise that we believe so strongly in them, whatever direction they may lean. But, we’re Americans, so long live free speech and difference of opinion.

While I largely steer clear of political conversations and certainly will never blog about my political beliefs, I can’t help but share a few of my unbaised thoughts on last night’s spectacle also known as the VP debate.

  • I used to think the term “my friend” was one of endearment. Thank you, Mr. Biden, for showing me it is obviously an expression of pure hatred.
  • Biden and Ryan have perfected the art of bitch fighting with rhetoric. The Real Housewives of New Jersey ain’t got nothing on these two. The ladies should take notes on “how to talk louder and interrupt more effectively” than the person next to you. (Oh – here’s an idea, how about we let one of them host the next Real Housewives Reunion? Andy Cohen, watch out!)
  • These to know how to bicker better than a couple married for 75 years. Speaking of 75 years, is that the age difference between these two candidates?
  • Biden is an angry, angry man. He yells. Frequently and with conviction. I was afraid his teeth were going to fly out of his mouth and hit Ryan in the eye. I don’t think they make denture cream strong enough to withstand 90 minutes of malarkey.
  • According to CNN, Ryan, you won by a fraction. You completely discredited your win with these photos, big guy. Oh, and according to Eva Longoria, you lost. Bad. It’s ok, just head to the nearest gym and sweat it out. Maybe next time you can request a feat of strength during the VP debate?

– Photo from Time Magazine


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