A Little Valentines Day Love

Happy Valentine’s Day loves! As I’ve already mentioned I know Valentines Day can be quite the polarizing holiday. Sure, the greeting card companies, chocolatiers and florists are all in cahoots to rob us blind in the name of love, but why not embrace a day devoted to appreciating all of the people we love? I also think we shouldn’t limit love with the lens of romance. Love comes in all shapes and sizes. We’re living love stories every day as friends, sisters, mothers, girlfriends, wives. Let’s make sure we tell those love stories with as much appreciation as we do the ones about our prince charming.

In honor of sharing the love, I couldn’t resist a little V-Day crafting. I purchased a few muslin bags, love dovey stamps, colorful inks and pounds of chocolate to create my own customized gift bags.



I purchased all of this craft-making goodness from Paper Source.

Small heart stamp: $5.95 (xo stamp not available online)
Muslin bags (set of 6) :$5.95 | Assorted stamp pads | $5.95 each


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