Sale Alert! Anthropologie!

One of my absolute favorite retail stores, Anthropologie’s merchandise ranges from underwear to blouses to doorknobs, but every item adheres to one piece of criteria: it must be unique. For me, walking into Anthro is like a breath of fresh air. Not only the items, but the way they are styled, always opens my eyes to a new way of looking at fashion. While the selection is always impressive, the price tags can sometimes be staggering. Typically, I beeline it to the sale section, unless I am in some serious need of retail therapy. Good news for me, because today Anthro announced 50% off all of their sale styles for a limited time! I know it’s the holiday season, but I have to believe that sometimes receiving is just as great is as giving!

I’ve posted some of my favorites in the sale section so far. Things are going pretty quickly though, so you better get to purchasing!


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