The Quest for the Perfect Counter Stools

We moved into a new apartment a few months ago and I’m slowly plugging away at designing our space. Apartments in New York are notoriously small, so we spent the last few years being very selective with our furniture. We just didn’t have the room for anything that wasn’t really necessary.

But, with this most recent move, we lucked out with a bigger, more open floorplan so I’ve made it a point to live in our space for awhile before making any major changes or choices. The wait wasn’t easy, as I really wanted to do a complete overhaul of our decor and furniture due to all of my Instagram and Pinterest perusal for inspiration. However, I couldn’t be happier that I did wait as things are starting to come together and I’ve only had to purchase a few items.

One of those purchases were counter stools. I’d never purchased bar stools or counter stools before as I’ve never had the need for them before. I sat on the decision for awhile as I couldn’t make up my mind about which aesthetic I wanted to opt for. I was between a metallic wire look and a more minimalist approach in fabric or leather. Then, one fateful afternoon, I was scrolling through Instagram and found the exact counter stools I wanted in my kitchen.

Fell in love with these counter stools on Stone Textile's instagram.
I fell in love with these counter stools on Stone Textile’s instagram.


As you can see, I loved them so much, I even commented asking them where the chairs were from. I did some research and soon found that the original design is by Harry Bertoia for Knoll and they retail for a little over $1,000. Expensive taste, huh? Obviously, I wasn’t going to let that discourage me and after a bit more searching, I found some great options for replicas in a variety of color options, both for the metal and the chair pad. I ended up purchasing mine from a site called Advanced Interior Designs for a few reasons, namely the price and the fact that the shipping time was just about a week. So many furniture purchases take weeks to arrive, so the quick turnaround was a huge benefit for me.

Available in gold, rose gold, chrome and white wire with white, black and a variety of colored chair pads.
Available in gold, rose gold, chrome and white wire with white, black and a variety of colored seat pads.


They arrived within a week, came wrapped securely to protect them in transit and look just like the photo. Eventually, I want to purchase different seat pads to help add some texture and warmth – but, for now, they’re perfect!

A side view of the counter stools.
A side view of the counter stools.


Here are a few other options that were at the top of my list!



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