WOAH! Events Without a Hitch!

Event planners are a dime a dozen these days. All you need to call yourself an event planner is the capacity to Google and put together a decent color scheme. We’ve watched too many friends pay an arm and a leg to plan the event of their dreams and be left severely disappointed.

But what is a girl (or boy) to do when she (or he) doesn’t have the artistic prowess or the free time to plan the event of her dreams? Research, explore, think – and then give someone else the job!

An event is not merely a gathering of friends, some good catering and pretty invitations. An event should be an extension of its hosts; an expertly crafted memory guests will reminisce for years to come; a perfect execution of the hosts’ request.

WithOut A Hitch – Woah! Events will feature all of the most creative, inventive, unique and high quality event ideas and executions that we see! We’ll also feature any of our own personal events! Stay tuned and soon you’ll be saying WOAH!


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