Tequila, Tequila!

It seems quite fitting that my 100th post on this blog should be about celebrating!

Get out your sombreros and call the mariachi band, it is National Tequila Day! Anyone can appreciate a day dedicated to such a polarizing alcohol. After all, tequila is cursed by some, loved by others and feared by many. Songs are dedicated to it and many a bad decision has been blamed on it. Ahhh, yes, tequila.

If you are of the tequila aficionado crowd, you’ll want to check out Bandolero, El Centro and El Chucho.

Bandolero’s house margarita comes on tap!  (image courtesy of Bandolero)

Mike Isabella’s latest endeavor, Bandolero, is encouraging you to bring a partner in crime to participate in the celebration. All tequila drinks are buy one get one free! With more than 40 tequilas to choose from, you and your buddy are sure to find at least one you will enjoy – probably a little too much! The special lasts from 4:00 pm until close, so get there early to get the most for your money!

While El Centro isn’t running a tequila special, it would be a crime to not encourage a tequila lover to visit DC’s premier tequileria. El Centro offers guests a choice of more than 200Tequilas & Mezcals. For National Tequila Day, they are boasting more than 250 types of tequilas! The restaurant runs a regular Taco Tuesday special, so you can also nosh on $2 chef’s choice tacos all night to help counteract the effects of that tequila.

(image courtesy of El Chucho)

El Chucho, Columbia Heights latest addition, is throwing an all out fiesta featuring a private label Tequila, Tequila Real. Be amongst the first in the US to try this tequila, with $4 shots of Tequila Real Blanco, and meet the importer who is a local resident. Being a guinea pig not your thing? Sip on $5 margaritas or one of the other 100 tequilas on El Chucho’s menu at 20 percent off!

If you’re part of the tequila fearer crew, but never one to miss out on a celebration, feast on some good Mexican cuisine at one of these locations:

Either way, enjoy…and I hope you wake up without a hangover!



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