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Buy this Basic!

When you find that perfect basic, it is  nothing short of a crime to keep it to yourself. So, without further adieu, I want to introduce you to the perfect basic layering tank.

The perfect layering piece.

I came across it on a recent shopping trip as an afterthought, already elated over the blouse I’d found on sale at Anthropologie. Now, dare I say, I am much more excited over this tank top. So excited, I had to wear it the day I got it.

The fabric is so comfortable and soft you could sleep in it, but trust me, you won’t want to. The tank is long enough to tuck into a skirt and stay in place so you don’t end up with bunched fabric that makes you look like you may have gained 5 fat rolls in a twenty minutes. Anthropologie markets it as a “reversible” tank since one side is a vneck and the other is a scoop neck. However, there is a tag in the scoop neck side, making it difficult to really reverse. I’m going to try my hand at cutting out the tag when I wear it next because let’s face it, everyone loves a two for one deal. It is perfect on its own or as a layering piece to add a pop of color or coverage under a sheer shirt.

The top comes in nine colors online and I saw another two in the store, ranging from brights to basic. They are $24 a pop, which is a tad pricier than i’d like to pay for a basic, but if it lasts (which remains to be seen since it is a new purchase) then it is worth it. I’ll be purchasing another 2-3 colors, checking out the quality over the next few months and then hopefully acquiring a few more.


  • The top is very form-fitting, so you might want to go a size up if you don’t want it too tight.
  • Since it is form-fitting, make sure you consider the bra you wear. Lace might show through the fabric.
  • The comments recommend to wash the top in a delicate cycle to prevent pilling.

The Perfect Pant

Finding a really fantastic pair of pants is no easy task. Particularly if you are gifted in the same way as Kim Kardashian. And no, I don’t mean gifted in the absolutely gorgeous, having millions of dollars, an amazing wardrobe, two failed marriages and courtship with Kanye West kind of way. I mean gifted in the large-ass department, which I so happen to be.

Well, have no fear my fellow baby-got-back lovers, your perfect pant exists! J Crew’s Minnie pant is cute, slightly cropped and totally cool. The slight stretch fabric makes them work appropriate and easily transitionable to play. They pair perfectly with a blazer and button-up or your favorite supper sleeveless top. Wear them in any season, with pumps, flats, boots or sandals, a sweater or a tank top. The Minnie pant is endlessly versatile and a wardrobe staple. Perfectly on trend, J Crew offers them in a variety of bright colors, as well as necessary neutrals. My advice – get yourself a pair in a neutral color and then pick up the red or orchid to add a pop of color that will last through the Fall Season!

J. Crew Minnie Pant

J. Crew Minnie Pant by kerrychannon featuring j crew pants

J.Crew j crew pants
$90 –

J.Crew vintage pants
$90 –

J.Crew j crew pants
$90 –

J.Crew j crew pants
$90 –

Put your best face forward

I love makeup. I’ve never been one of those people who has to “put my face on” every time I leave the house. I go to the gym makeup-free. My husband sees me in all my makeup-less glory.

But, I love makeup. MAC, Stila, Lorac, Covergirl, Maybelline, TART – they all found their way into my makeup bag, basket and drawer. Yes, I have all three. A girl never knows which trend she is going to rock on any given day. She must be prepared to be dewy and fresh-faced or bronzed and smokey-eyed.

Any good look starts with great skin. My skincare regime used to be simple. Wash my face with some water before bed and dab on some tinted moisturizer by day. Ah, the ease of being young. Now that I am in my late twenties (gasp!), things have gotten significantly more complicated. I see the traces of wrinkles forming and no matter how much sleep I get I still look like I’ve pulled an all-nighter. Like any good quarter life crisis-er, I’ve been trying any and every product I can that claims to fight age, wrinkles, or insert-any-minor-imperfection here. I

I am still on the search for my fountain of youth product. However, my late-twenties skin has also left me in need in the makeup department, which is significantly more fun for my makeup-loving self than this wrinkle business. I’ve noticed I need a bit more coverage than offered by tinted moisturizer, but I absolutely hate, hate, hate foundation. I’ve tried so many variations, but they always feel heavy, look fake and make me look like a Vegas showgirl. After doing some exploration and some excess purchasing, I finally found my savior – Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector B.B. Cream!

You might have heard of the B.B. trend – the B’s stand for Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm, depending on the product. It’s a product concept that made its way over from several Asian countries (namely Korea).

Garnier’s B.B. Cream combines “advanced skincare” along with “immediate skin perfecting coverage.”

What the heck does that really mean?

The cream promises to cover, quench, protect (SPF 15 – a must!) and perfect dullness, redness and splotchiness.

OH – and it is only $12.

Too good to be true? Maybe. All I can attest to so far is that this product provides just the right amount of coverage to function as a light foundation, without feeling like a foundation. I’d liken it to a step up from a tinted moisturizer and a step down from foundation. For all of us ladies who are fall in the Goldilocks category of face makeup, this cream is just right! Since I’ve been using the product (about a month), I have noticed an overall improvement in the brightness of my skin, but in all fairness this could be due to any of the other aforementioned products I’ve been trying.

After reading the product reviews, I’ve noticed some women use this before applying a foundation, which might be worth a try if you are a foundation kind of gal. If you’re not, use this with a bit of bronzer and/or blush and you will be ready to take on the day.

Some tips:

  • A little goes a long way! I usually only need about 2 pea-sized dollops, one for my forehead and nose, another for my cheeks.
  • It comes in two colors – light/medium and medium/deep. The light/medium works for fair to tan complexions, just layer the product. The medium/deep works on darker skin tones, but I came across several complaints that the medium/deep does not work for African American skin tones.
  • If you have oily skin, this product might not be for you. My skin is pretty normal, not oily, not dry, a bit on the sensitive side. I haven’t had any issues, but some reviewers mentioned it made their skin more oily.
  • The product is scented. I find it pleasurable and it disappears after just a few minutes. However, if you do not like scented products, steer clear!
  • It is sold out in many local CVS stores. Friends have told me they’ve had trouble finding it, so you might want to purchase online if you know which complexion category you fall into. Check out

Gap Nautical Maxi Dress

Just last night, I picked up this gem at Gap. It is a bit more than I’d normally spend on a maxi dress, but it was my birthday so I thought I’d go ahead and treat myself! I’m already thinking of all of the different ways to wear this dress and the possibilities are endless! Maxi dresses look great on their own, but can take on a whole new life when paired with the right accessories.

Pair it with your favorite colorful, cropped jacket and a bold statement necklace and you can tackle a day out on the town or a date night! Check the dress out at Gap here.

Gap Nautical Maxi Dress

Gap Nautical Maxi Dress by kerrychannon featuring Jane Norman jackets

Chloé blazer
£1,255 –

Matthew Williamson jacket
£650 –

Jane Norman jacket
£55 –

$75 –

Amanda Pearl necklace
$225 –

Chanel bracelet
€1.289 –

Lancôme lip gloss
$18 –

Rhodes Acid Washed Frame
$42 –

Is Your Man a Dapper Dresser?

Men and fashion is kind of like going to the dentist. Things either go really well and you leave with a perfectly bright white smile; or they go horribly wrong and you’re left facing a root canal.

However, whether the wardrobe of the man in your life needs just a routine cleaning or some major surgery, you should have him check out Trunk Club.

Trunk Club: there should be a better way for men to find great clothes

This ingenious company has found a way around the major deterrents which keep men from embracing some wardrobe rejuvenation. Trunk Club does everything for their clients. The man in question just simply has to fill out a profile, either online or on the phone, to help the expert stylists understand a bit more about his likes and dislikes. Then Trunk Club packs a literal trunk full of clothes for him and mails it to his house. He chooses what he wants and sends the rest back in said trunk with a pre-paid FedEx label.

It really can’t get easier or more fail-proof than this, ladies! Before you start asking,  what’s the catch, here is some more info:

  • Members only pay for the clothes they keep
  • There is no membership fee
  • Wardrobe selection is classified as upscale casual wear; think jeans, chinos, shirts, sweaters, etc. – no suits!
  • Prices range from $70 (for shirts) to $250 (for pants and denim)
  • Trunk Club buys clothes wholesale and then charges retail prices, the same you’d find at the Nordstroms of the world, which is how they make their money
  • ….allowing the service and shipping to remain entirely free of cost

Like the sound of it? Buy your man (whether it’s your significant other, dad, uncle, brother – any man in your life!) a gift card for him to try it out for himself!


Treat Your Feet!

To some Tieks! In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, Tieks are a new line of ballet flats designed to fold up into your purse – small or large! Tieks come in a variety of colors, patterns and fabrics but all are designed with fashion AND utility in mind, which I love!

Choose from bold colors!

Each pair of Tieks has signature turquoise soles and accent details, too. These shoes were designed with the assumption that you’ll wear them daily, so they promise to be durable and fashionable. You can keep a pair in your purse when traveling, walking to and from the Metro or even for a late night break from your heels!

Or fun patterns!

According to the Tiek’s site, “each pair of Tieks comes with a compact pouch to compress your folded Tieks when they are in your purse, a reusable tote for your heels and pant clips for pinning up your heel-length pants.”

There are a plethora of shoe lines that promise “fold-able” flats ranging in price tags. While Tieks are pricier than some other options, they appear to echo the phrase “you get what you pay for.” I’m putting these on my Spring shopping list! Check out the line here


Gift Idea: Sephora Fragrance Sampler

The holidays are over, but I couldn’t resist posting about this little treat from Sephora! Perfume is a go-to gift for a woman you love, whether it be a family member, friend or significant other. However, unless you have some very specific direction from said loved one, it can be more of a challenge than it’s worth to pick out that perfect scent! 

For $50, you’ll be giving samples of 10 different top-selling fragrances and a voucher for them to get a full bottle of their favorite fragrance from Sephora. The samples are perfect to throw in a purse or gym bag and then when you’ve tried them all out, pick out a full bottle of the one you like the most! You really can’t go wrong! 
There are a few other options on the site for designer fragrances and a rollerball fragrance set. Any of the options are great, but I’d recommend sticking with one of the classics! 
This one is so great, it doesn’t even need to be a gift – I may have to go get it for myself!

District Dining: The Hamilton

Your average 24 hour restaurant usually attracts a specific kind of clientele, namely truck drivers and inebriated twenty somethings. One of DC’s newest restaurants, The Hamilton, is sure to redefine the 24 hour crowd! Located at the corner of 14th and F NW, The Hamilton is a massive restaurant and live music venue which opened in mid-December courtesy of Clyde’s Restaurant Group. 

Last night, my girlfriends and I decided to give it a try. While the service was less than stellar, the food was good and the 37,000 square feet of cavernous space makes you feel like the possibilities are endless. We were able to get a reservation last minute and I am still trying to decide whether this was due to the restaurant still being too “new” or the fact that it is just so darn huge! Once we arrived, we were taken through the main bar, a secondary bar, a ballroom-sized dining room, up a staircase, past yet another bar and finally to our table. These hostesses sure get their exercise! 
One of the many bars at the The Hamilton!
Picture courtesy of the
We were greeted quickly by a very nice, but apparently nervous waiter who offered us water and returned after all of our guests arrived. We ordered two bottles of wine off the list, which is actually divided into the various types of foods that are served and paired accordingly. So, if you are ordering seafood, the Hamilton recommends about 10 different wines that will pair well with your entree. This is unique, but made searching for a specific wine like trying to find a needle in a haystack and it isn’t helpful if you want wine before you know what you are going to order. 
The waiter brought fresh bread and butter and took our entree orders, clearly still feeling his way through the menu which I guess is to be expected as they have only been open a few weeks. The menu has a great variety of choices, ranging from burgers to pasta to seafood to sushi, without feeling overwhelming which I enjoyed. I ordered a salmon salad, which very tasty, and the other ladies ordered a variety of sushi. Everyone was very pleased with their meals and all plates were empty! Mission successful! 
Overall, I’d say the Hamilton offers an extensive menu, good cuisine and a quintessentially “DC” vibe. The service still room to improve, but hopefully this will happen as the restaurant matures. I think the true niche for The Hamilton is going to be the combination of better-than-bar food with a live music scene. The fact that the restaurant is open 24 hours a day is novel, I will be interested to see how it ends up working. I can’t imagine there will be enough customers to support all hours and I can’t help but wonder if offering such a range of food will end up wreaking havoc on the restaurant’s identity and quality. I guess time will tell! 

The Cat’s Meow, Dahling

Sunglasses in December? Why, yes, I will! During a recent two hour delay in the Orlando Airport, I found myself in terminal’s Sunglass Hut pondering the benefits of Aviators vs. Wayfarers. Lo and behold – move over 2011 eyewear and say hello to the 50s again! I moseyed on over to a pair of Tory Burch’s new cateye frames and viola – instantly chic!

Cateye frames have been out for a few months now, a trend that has be catapulted by Ms. Kourtney Kardashian herself. However, the exaggerated versions seem to have some sort of clause denoting them only fit for gorgeous celebrities because I’ve never seen them work on anyone else…except for this non-discriminating version from Tory! 

Check them out on Tory Burch’s site here. Not a fan of the cateye look? Check out the Rounded Aviator Sunnies – another one of my favorites! 


Purse Alert

LuckyBrand is one of those stores that I don’t frequent often, but I am always pleasantly surprised when I do. On the day after Christmas last year, I found the most perfect pair of black skinny pants at LuckyBrand that always seem to look good with everything and now wish I had bought 10 pairs! Keeping the tradition going, I went to LuckyBrand a few days ago, secretly hoping I’d find these magical black pants again. I didn’t find black pants, but I did find a great pair of red skinny cords and fawned over this trendy piece of arm candy. It was on sale and I would have nabbed it had I not just made a recent Coach acquisition just a few months ago. This bag has the flexibility to wear it cross-body, over the shoulder or handheld; it has space galore for all of a lady’s favorite knickknacks and the color is just snazzy enough to make a statement without screaming. Plus the faded gold works as neutral so you can wear it with virtually any color. Check it out here!


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