The Cat’s Meow, Dahling

Sunglasses in December? Why, yes, I will! During a recent two hour delay in the Orlando Airport, I found myself in terminal’s Sunglass Hut pondering the benefits of Aviators vs. Wayfarers. Lo and behold – move over 2011 eyewear and say hello to the 50s again! I moseyed on over to a pair of Tory Burch’s new cateye frames and viola – instantly chic!

Cateye frames have been out for a few months now, a trend that has be catapulted by Ms. Kourtney Kardashian herself. However, the exaggerated versions seem to have some sort of clause denoting them only fit for gorgeous celebrities because I’ve never seen them work on anyone else…except for this non-discriminating version from Tory! 

Check them out on Tory Burch’s site here. Not a fan of the cateye look? Check out the Rounded Aviator Sunnies – another one of my favorites! 


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